Heart to Heart 285

We Are Oneness

In the rush of daily life, we sometimes forget about our divinity.  We are all perfect just the way we are.  We are eternal limitless particles of Oneness.  In our Earth spacesuits we have imposed ourselves with limitations.  We are born and live and die, only to do it over again as much as we choose.  It is important to understand the Big picture of who we are and at the same time, give our time and energy to what is occurring now.

Our Earth is being threatened by our choices.  Species are being eliminated every day.  Scientists say:”We know that the drivers behind species loss are mostly increasing – land conversion and degradation, pollution, climate change. And of course the human population is still growing and consumption is growing – and most of that consumption is not sustainable.”

All species are part of Oneness, like us. They are us and we are them.  So, even though we are immortal spiritual beings, we have a responsibility to all the parts of Oneness.  We get to treat them like our family.  We get to become involved in any way possible to prevent our rampant consumption.  Each of us can do our part.   Here is a list.

1. Think twice before shopping.

American pika2. Make sure your big purchases have big environmental benefits.

3. Ditch the plastic.

4. Boycott products that endanger wildlife.

5. Take extinction off your plate: Eat less meat.

6. Be water wise.

7. Drive less, drive green.

8. Green your home.

9. Choose renewable energy.

10. Pay attention to labels.

11. Choose to have a smaller family.

12. Use your voice and your vote.

I know I keep repeating this theme in this daily blog.  I don’t apologize.  To paraphrase Pogo “We have met the enemy and we are it!” We still have time, if we all work together, to repair Mother Nature and insure her vitality.  From my concerned heart to yours, Thomas

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