Heart to Heart 307

Never Let Go of Your Dream

You were born with a dream that lies deep in your soul.

You were born with a need to reach out to a goal.

Swear by all that you know, that you’ll never let go of your dream.

When the road seems to long and your hopes turn to clay

That’s the time to be strong, with a will there’s a way

Though the way may be slow, you must never let go of your dream.

If you’re living without trying, that’s not living, just a slower way of dying.

So hold on tight to what you’ve want

And you will wake to some great golden morn,

when the world seems to say, this is why you were born

here it is, here’s your day.

And you’ll reap all you sow, let your cup overflow

If you never let go of your dream

Never let go of your dream

The lyrics above are from a song we used to sing in Canyon Singers.  I don’t have the music and cannot remember who wrote it, to give them credit. Canyon Singers was a group who performed in Sedona for twenty five years.  We were lovingly directed by Sandy Reid, who has since moved to Iowa.

I love living life, when I am connected to a dream.  It is more powerful when it is my own.  However, right now Lou Ann and I are on the staff of the Illuminate Film Festival and we are dreaming together.  I encourage all of you who have some dreams hidden inside to wake them up!  Find a way to live a life full of passion and adventure.  Please don’t settle for less than a life lived, full out.  In my experience, it is not worth it!  From my always dreaming heart to yours, Thomas

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