Heart to Heart 309

Who Decides?

Lou Ann and I love to people watch.  We were having lunch in the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall today.  Thousands of folks passed by, while we ate our lunch.  I see people and my mind immediately begins a conversation with myself about them.  I might notice their age or their hair color or their nationality.  I will observe how they walk, the look on their face, how they carry themselves.  I make up stories about whether they are happy or sad or divorced or awake to life.  I notice some as attractive and some not so.  And here is where the challenge for me occurs.

Who decided what is attractive or beautiful or not attractive and not so beautiful.  As they saying goes, clearly the judgment of anyone else is in the eyes and mind of the beholder.  In society, why is slim more attractive than heavy? Perhaps in some parts of the globe it is just the opposite?  The point is, it is all a judgment, based on some kind of general agreement, that has no bearing about the truth of it.  Meaning, each of us gets to decide what we like and who we like, physically, emotionally, spiritually.  In the grand scheme of things, it means little.  We are all here as members of one human family and we appear in about seven billion different ways.

The truth is, we are all one.  Each and every one of us is Divine and perfect.  We don’t need to measure up to anyone else’s standards of how we look, who we love and what we choose.  Yes, it is fun for me to sit and observe my fellow human race in all of it’s variety and uniqueness.  I see you as a treasure of the Universe!  You are beautiful in every way.  As we used to say at Spirit Church we used to say “I unconditionally love and support you just the way you are, in all your magnificence!”  From my unconditional heart to yours, Thomas

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