Heart to Heart 310


What is life anyway?  A series of events.  Some stuff that happened.  Some stuff that happened to me, all along the way.  Made me who I am today.  These are lyrics from a Michael Byers song called “You Are My Friend”. I am typing on Lou Ann’s computer.  Mine crashed and it doesn’t work at all; along with all of my film festival information, my solar business and our Airbnb business.  Oops! I can’t locate our computer fix it guy, Jake.  It feels weird not being on my computer for hours today.  I can do a lot of it on my phone, so I get to adjust to this creation of mine.  All of the events in life that happen and how we handle them, that makes us who we are.  This is not tragic.  Not life threatening.  Just inconvenient. So I get to create in a whole new way perhaps.  Maybe you folks have had days like this where you get to look at things a little differently.

I have become so comfortable doing my blog and our businesses in a certain way.  Maybe something will shift for me and I will do it in a different and more productive way.  Maybe I will do something completely new.  I will hearken to those words of one of John Denver’s songs “Sweet Surrender”  ”

“There’s nothin’ behind me and nothin’ that ties me to
Something that might have been true yesterday

Tomorrow is open, right now it seems to be more than enough
To just be here today”

I will surrender to this creation of mine and just be here today.  Maybe you are up against something that is not flowing as well as you had hoped.  You might want to surrender to the situation and know that there’s a spirit that guides us, a light that shines for us.  It has always been that way and will always be.  We don’t need to know everything about our path that we are on.  It may be enough to know that it is on purpose and divine!  From my surrendered heart to yours, Thomas

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