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Little Blue Spaceship

Lou Ann and I attended an Earth Day celebration in the little town aptly named Cornville Arizona.  The event was at a place called Maggie’s Farm.  It is a couple of acres of sustainable living. Sustainable living, is the practice of reducing your demand on natural resources by making sure that you replace what you use, to the best of your ability.  For instance, reusing and repairing things in our home and workplace, instead of going out and buying the fanciest new versions.  Another would be to consider to purchase local, instead of places like Amazon, who have to use a lot of energy to get us the product.

There were talks on beekeeping, using gray water and permaculture. Which is what we are doing to our little acre here in the Village of Oak Creek. Permaculture is defined as consciously designed landscapes which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance of food, fiber and energy for the provision of local needs.  In our case, we are going to grow as much organic produce as we can and give it away to the less fortunate.

Life will always find a way to live.  Our global thoughtlessness about our planet, has destroyed ninety per cent of the forests. It’s frightening but true; our planet is now in the midst of its sixth mass extinction of plants and animals — the sixth wave of extinctions in the past half-billion years.  However, no matter how much carnage we humans do to our beloved Earth, it will find a way to live.  The problem is: our children and their children’s children, will suffer so much because of us.

Even if you only find a way to have some tomato plants and herbs on your patio, it will help.  Anytime we grow organic fruits, vegetables and trees, we help sustain the world.  I will probably share about this subject in the coming months more than any other.  It is vital that we turn our environment around and we are the only ones who can do it.  Please, do all you can to be sustainable about your life and perhaps we can save this gorgeous place for all those who will come.  From my sustainable heart to yours, Thomas

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