Heart to Heart 314


The Illuminate Film Festival has chosen it’s movies for the upcoming festival on May 30th to June 3rd.  It is our fifth year and Lou Ann and I have been honored to volunteer the past three years.  I would encourage everyone who is able, to come and attend.  Not only will you be able to see twenty five films, there will be sessions after the movies we call Reel Healings.  Our mission is to share conscious cinema with the world to help foster personal and global transformation.  Cinema is such a powerful medium that allows us to learn, grow, expand and change.

We are all illuminated!  We are all bright lights, who have sometimes hidden our glow.  The world is in trouble and we can help it out.  One way is, to watch conscious movies and then take action.  It is our turn to take a stand for all the Earth’s inhabitants.  Many cannot speak for themselves.  These amazing filmmakers you will see, are the voices of those, that cry out for healing and love! Please go to Illuminatefilmfestival.com and see the outstanding line up of films and bring your loved ones with you.  From my cinematic heart to yours, Thomas