Heart to Heart 318

Magical Music

Lou Ann and I went to a benefit concert to support the local elementary school which may be shut down.   There was a group of performers singing and playing guitars.  Three of the performers have meant a lot to me.  When we moved to Sedona in the late eighties, Patrick Ki would play his guitar at the Hideaway restaurant.  He would strum out tunes as he walked the aisles.  When he came to our table, we would request a John Denver song and I would sing the words as he played.

Robin Miller another composer, guitarist and key board player wrote a piece of music called Transcendence.  It is a wonderful piece of music that allows the listener to connect with a deeper part of themselves.  In April of 2000 my mom Gladys, was nearing the end of her life.  Lou Ann and I sat beside her and read the wonderful spiritual messages of Emmanuel while we played Robin’s Transcendence music.  We felt the light in the room magnify and it felt like angels were present as she left her body. I let Robin know how much that meant to us and what a gift it was to Gladys as well.

Eric Miller, Robin’s son has become an amazing Flamenco guitarist.  He and Lou Ann’s daughter dated back in the late eighties. And has become a good friend. The fourth performer was vocalist and percussionist Susanna Martin.  As we sat there and listened to this wonderful group of musicians, perform at such a high level, I felt so blessed.  I had this gorgeous thought of how beautiful life is and how fortunate we are to live it full out!  From my deeply appreciative heart to yours, Thomas

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