Heart to Heart 337

Who We Are

As the daily news surrounds us with stories of untold limitation; it is time to have a quick reminder course.  After writing this last sentence, I just realized that I mostly write this blog for me.  Whenever I am encouraging you to keep on going, it was probably me that was stuck .  The times that I share some advice for all of us to ponder; it was me that needed that sage wisdom.  And since there is only Oneness, I am always speaking to me.  The me that is the same as you.  We are all parts of the eternal mind of All That Is.  So if someone says “Thomas is always talking to himself”, believe it.  We are not only the other parts of each other; we also reflect and compliment each other as well.  So sometimes if you are reading this blog and it occurs to you that my words seem familiar.  They are, they’re yours, speaking to yourself.

This was the message from The Universe today:

There isn’t a moment in any day, Thomas, when someone, somewhere,

isn’t better off because of something you’ve done.

And no matter what you do, or don’t do, with the rest of your life,

you cannot now comprehend the amounts of love, joy, and personal assistance that are already being pressed out to you in gratitude.

Must be nice,

The Universe

My words exactly, and please substitute your name for Thomas, in the message up above.

We always do our best without exception.  Sometimes it doesn’t look that way, but it always is.  It is that sometimes we are under the influence of our self imposed unknowingness.  There are truly, untold amounts of joy and prosperity and love spiraling around Universe, because we chose to share it.  Take a look in the mirror tonight and smile or wink.  You don’t really have to say anything.  Just know that it was us playing together, creating more light around Universe, because it is who we are.  And who we will always be!  From my Universal heart to yours, Thomas

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