Heart to Heart 343

More Serendipity

We had three ladies from San Diego that visited us last month at our home.  Lou Ann encouraged them to join her at her Yoga class.  One of the other participants in that class was a lady named Iona.  She recently traveled to San Diego and was sitting in a restaurant and a woman in the next table said ” Are you from Sedona?”  She said she was and they realized they had met her in that Yoga class with Lou Ann.  Lou Ann shared this story tonight with a couple of friends here in the Village who hosted us for dinner.  They said ” We were at your house that day helping you move something and we met those ladies!”  What are the odds that all this could happen?  One hundred per cent!  Universe is always on purpose and loves to show off!  We are so blessed to keep seeing the intelligence and love of Oneness.

The more we interact with others of like mind; the more these happenings occur!  Maybe you have these things happen as well.  Please share your stories of how Spirit is always letting you know it is with you. Remember Joe Dispenza’s Create My Day? “So if we’re consciously designing our destiny, and if we’re consciously from a spiritual standpoint throwing in with the idea that our thoughts can affect our reality or affect our life — because reality equals life — then I have this little pact that I have when I create my day. I say, ‘I’m taking this time to create my day and I’m infecting the quantum field. Now if (it) is in fact the observer’s watching me the whole time that I’m doing this and there is a spiritual aspect to myself, then show me a sign today that you paid attention to any one of these things that I created, and bring them in a way that I won’t expect, so I’m as surprised at my ability to be able to experience these things. And make it so that I have no doubt that it’s come from you,’ and so I live my life, in a sense, all day long thinking about being a genius or thinking about being the glory and the power of God or thinking about being unconditional love.

Let us all create our days and let Spirit speak to us in it’s magical and magnificent way!  From my serendipitous heart to yours. Thomas

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