Heart to Heart 344

We Are Illuminating

We are getting close to the start of this year’s festival,which begins next Wednesday.  Twenty six films, several reel healings, an incredible healing lounge staffed with local beautiful people.  Lots of delicious organic food.  The amazing Michael Franti in concert on Sunday June 3rd who recorded the wonderful song “Say Hey I Love You”  And so much more.  Today our programming team put the finishing touches to our months of effort and love in creating this festival.  We are honored to have the opportunity to be the liaison teammates, who welcome the filmmakers and celebrate their accomplishments.  We get to introduce their films and moderate a question and answer session following many of the movies.  Through this whole process of discovering the films and curating them and meeting these dedicated folks, we have fallen in love.  Fallen for their passion of doing what they love.  Fallen for their dedication of never quitting their mission, often and against long odds.  Fallen for their vision of wanting to make our fragile planet a place of prosperity and love for all beings.

And now all of the efforts of hundreds of talented, totally committed beings of light and love come to the theater.  And all of you folks will be the judge at how well we have done our tasks.  Illuminate is conscious cinema.  It is created most of all to allow attendees to see what needs to be done in our world, to make it a better place.  So if one of you gets motivated to get involved at a deeper level we have succeeded.  If one of you finds a space in your own life that begins to heal, we have done our job.  If one of you leaves the theater and finds what they love to do, we will rejoice.  This is why we do this.  We feel honored to have been a small part of this elegant undertaking.

I invite all of you to come to the festival, for any of the films or activities.  Your attendance is what keeps it going.  Without you, there will not be a festival.  In this day of  the tremendous challenges of modern life, we often wonder what can we do to help out.  This is your chance.  Please join us and stand beside us, as we collectively do what needs to be done.  Our children and their children’s children will look back on this moment in time and say “Hooray for our parents and grandparents!”  They stood up for all future generations of people and the planet’s inhabitants and began the creation of heaven on Earth.  From my very honored and excited heart to yours, Thomas



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