Heart to Heart 347

Folks Loving Folks

Went to the local recycle place behind our neighborhood grocery, this morning.   There are large green containers, where we all put the appropriate materials.  A lady was carrying a brown paper bag of bottles and the bottom broke and they fell out and some shattered.  I rushed over to help and gave her my plastic bin to put the glass in.  We went over and dumped the glass together.  At the same time, another lady came over and gave this woman a new plastic container, so that wouldn’t happen to her in the future.  Love it!  I went inside and purchased a couple of items in the grocery store.  At the checkout stand, my total purchase came to $11.08 and all I had was a hundred dollar bill that I made selling a bed yesterday.  Which, by the way, was generously given to me by a Chiropractor, awhile ago; another kind act.  The clerk, named Chris, went into his pocket and got out eight cents so I wouldn’t have so much change to mess with!  A Wonderful Life may not be easy, but it is simple.  Just do kind and loving things and we all prosper in the most magnificent ways!

Over the years I have counseled lots of wonderful people.  At the time of our sessions, they were stuck in some way.  I shared with them the techniques and methods I had learned along the way.  However when it came down to it.  My favorite and most simple advice is “to follow your heart.” What I mean by this is, to follow the love that you feel inside of you.  The physical heart is a wondrous mechanism.  The spiritual heart is often beyond description.  It is not a place of our thoughts or intellect or experience.  It is that place that we go when we feel connected to nature, butterflies, children’s eyes, puppies tongues, mother’s hugs and all things loving.  The people today who were kind to each other , were connected to that part of us that cares, connects and includes.  May most of our days be filled with these moments of loving each other unconditionally.  From my loving heart to yours, Thomas