Heart to Heart 349

Houston We Have Ignition!

Tonight was our last Illuminate team meeting of the season before the festival tomorrow.  There were thirty of us gathered at Danette’s house  and on line.  We tied up some loose ends about the festival.  Then we were led in a celebration of all the hard work we had shared, over the past nine months.  Ranjita Ryan and Oman Ken led us.  Oman created a song and we all sang it together.  The words were about illuminate, our hearts and our love.  For truly, one has to love what we are about, to give this much time and effort.  Then Ranjita shared with us a ceremony.  She gave us gifts that included a pair of white socks covered in red hearts, and a heart shaped crystal.  She was using the socks to represent a euphemism to “sock it to them”.  Meaning, in a playful way, that now all of this planning and rehearsing was a prelude to sending out our energy in a way that would have impact on the world. Then we went around the room to many of our teammates and held hands with our crystal hearts in them.  We sang words to celebrate the other person and to let them know how much we valued them and their contributions.  Then we exchanged hearts with them and went on to another person.

It was a fitting end to all that we had accomplished together.  Our team is now ready for take off.  We may be going where no one else has gone before.  Into uncharted territory of conscious cinema, perhaps becoming a more powerful force and even mainstream.  I want to thank all of you who read this blog for your support along the way.  It has helped me continue to be inspired and to grow deeper in my commitment to create a message of love and support and caring.  This is the way the mission will be accomplished.  When we walk on Earth like the astronauts walked on the moon.  Creating a whole new world dedicated to exploring the best we can be.  One small step for all of humanity and one giant step for the possibilities of the human soul and it’s connection to All That Is.  From my encouraged heart to yours, Thomas

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