Heart to Heart 350


Two hundred people gathered tonight at the Creative Life Center in Sedona to watch the amazing documentary movie titled “Push”.  It is a wonderful love story about a couple who have found a way to live powerful trans formative lives.  They were married in 2009 and one year later. the husband Grant Korgan was critically injured and became paralyzed from the waist down.  Grant was an extreme sports athlete who pushed the limits of competition and crashed his snowmobile, and then his life really began.  He and his wife Shawna began his arduous rehabilitation, often doing ten hours per day of physical therapy and exercise.  They were a team of the most dedicated partners.  There was no stopping them from creating a powerful life.  Shawna has this saying which says: “be firm in where you are going and be flexible in how you get there.”

Then in 2011 Grant was given the opportunity to be on an Antarctic expedition in which he and two others would travel a hundred miles across the ice to the South Pole.  Grant could only use his arms.  There were days when they would only go three miles in several hours.  Grant had no feeling in his feet and they had to keep them warm with battery packs.  It is a challenge for me to describe the kind of effort it took for him to do what he did.  The title of the movie describes him using only his hands and arms to “push” his sled a few feet at a time, for hours on end.  They made it to the South Pole!  Then he had an awareness about life that it was the love and companionship that was the greater goal.

We got to meet Grant and Shawna in a live question and answer session.  They got a long standing ovation!  I realized that few people have that kind of drive and determination to succeed at all costs.  When they fielded queries from the audience, we got to witness their tenderness of heart and the depth of their love for each other and for life.

Fortunately, most of us will not have to go though such a harrowing life experience.  However, we each have our demons and dragons to slay.  They may not have below zero conditions and extreme physical conditions but they may test us to our limits.  It was encouraging to see folks who never quit, no matter what life hands them.  It was inspiring for many of us tonight.  For me, it showed me that I can have my heart’s desire if I just keep pushing on!  From my inspired heart to yours, Thomas

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