Heart to Heart 370

The Nature of Our Being

I mentioned that Lou Ann and I were with Devin yesterday.  His full name is Devin Mikles. He is a gorgeous soul.  He has been a practicing medical doctor for some thirty four years.  Until yesterday, I did not know the extent of his awareness and deep spiritual knowledge.   He channels or writes poetry that I would like to share with you.  Here is the first.

The Rebirthday Room

In every moment we die and are reborn into the void from

A nothingness that is the fecund, all pervading

Indivisible, preexisting, always perfected emptiness,

That is undeniably complete and total love-bliss consciousness.

Only in the room of the Divine Heart of this constantly appearing,

Revealed true nature of eternal, infinite, immutable happiness,

Can we find a refuge authentic enough to shed the hard

Skin of the ego’s I, and make the translation to the truly real.

Let us embrace the icy fingers of the valley of separate death

That we may be reanimated beyond the shadow of seeking, fear and longing

Into the bright heart of devotion, compassion and endless

Forever now in recognition of our One and True Reality.

May we always know the Beloved on sight fully in every

Human, hill, animal, plant and stone, forsaking all illusions.

And may the peace that passes beyond our understanding

Be the walking path of our Sadhana reaching ever to the Star of Isness.


Please read this more than once to get the full depth of this wonderful sharing.

We are a vital part of the Oneness of everything.  We are not separate in any way.  We have all knowing in our soul.  It is time for us to reclaim our awareness of our Divinity.  If we awake to this possibility.  It doesn’t make us better in any way.  If we stop and take the time to realize that everyone and everything in Universe is the same, it can give us peace.  We can perhaps relax and move through life with a different way of being.  No more hectic exploration.  No more fearing death.  We can breathe into our present moment and let our Divine connection, lead us through this incarnation.  Welcome to planet Earth beautiful beings of light and love.  Enjoy the ride!  From my eternal heart to yours, Thomas

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