Heart to Heart 371


We folks in the northern hemisphere refer to this time of year (June 20-22) to be the summer solstice.  It is when the Earth reaches 23.5 degrees in the Zodiac sign of Cancer.  In the southern hemisphere this occurs six months later when we experience our winter solstice in the north.  The word solstice comes from Latin meaning sun stoppage.  The Earth is tilted on it’s axis and as it makes this rotation around the sun in an elliptical orbit, it appears to stand still at the summer and winter solstice point.

So this may be a time for us to take a small break and shift our focus a little.  While the Earth appears to rest, it might be advisable for it’s inhabitants to take a deep breath and relax.  Our culture appears to be driven. We feel like we are going to run out of time.  Perhaps there is an internal clock prodding us to do as much as we can in the span of a lifetime.  However, there is also an eternal clock that is not ticking.  It has never kept time and has no hands to go around it’s face, like our timepieces.  It sits at zero and will remain there.

However, back on Terra firma. We can take this time to be grateful for the sun in our solar system.  It gives everything life in the physical form.  It is about 4.6 billion years old and will be in the same form for some five billion more years.  Enough time for you and I to get in a bunch of incarnations.  The sun is like our souls.  It breathes life and light into every particle on Earth.  Our soul breathes spirit into our physical being and makes it a glorious life experience.  It might be an excellent time to give thanks to the sol and the soul.  They are who we are in spirit and in form.  Each day we can remind ourselves of our connection to light.  It is who we are.  Happy summer solstice to everyone and everything.  May we go into the next phase of this year with a peaceful heart filled with the gratitude of shining our light so that all creatures of Earth know they are loved.  From my shining heart to yours, Thomas

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