Heart to Heart 372


We usually have popcorn on Friday night at home, while we watch Real Time.  We are working on creating the next phase in our life.  We are involved in several projects including the possibility of creating a TV show.  It feels completely normal to be creating it.  Like we have been preparing for it, a long time.  We also are helping folks get Structured water.  Which is very alive and healthy.  And we are inviting our neighbors to put solar on their homes.  And we are working on permaculturing our land around our home. This is planting a variety of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices in the way nature would do it. And we have lots of vacation rental guests coming to our home.  Life is busy and sweet.

We probably will never retire in the classic sense.  We love being involved and making a difference when and where we can. The irony may be that Lou Ann is 72 and I am 77 and it feels like we are just starting out on our life adventure!  I am sharing this, only to say, if you are a baby boomer or older like me, life is not over by any means.  We have a good friend Larry Rosenberg who has created his own musical about his life.  Sedona is filled with septuagenarians and older, who are living passionate, committed lives of consequence.  My wish is for everyone to awake in the morning with a sense of purpose.  A feeling of being young at heart.  Most of us do not know how long this particular life journey will last.  Please make the most of it for yourself and for all the creatures on spaceship Earth who need your love, talent, experience and energy!  From my young heart to yours, Thomas

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