Heart to Heart 378

More Serendipity

Earlier today, Lou Ann suggested to me to work on the business plan for our television show.  I shared with her my concern for our personal cash flow and thought I should focus on that.  She reminded me to follow my heart and Universe would take care of the details.

This afternoon, I was lying down thinking how to create more personal income so that Lou Ann and I could continue to do the wonderful conscious work we are honored to do.  (I know, sometimes I don’t listen very well!) As I browsed through the options in my mind, my phone rang. A wonderful lady named Hope called me and was thanking me for encouraging her to go to the complete Illuminate Film Festival four weeks ago.

She said she had driven up to the Performing arts center and had gone inside and purchased a couple of event tickets.  When she went outside to get in her car, it was dead. She called a repair person.  She came back inside and happened to speak to me while I was working at the Love and Support desk.  She said I told her to attend the entire festival because it would serve her.  She purchased an all access pass and went to the entire festival and it inspired her significantly.  She went back outside to greet the repair person and the car started without repair! She is a filmmaker and met other filmmakers who will help her with her next film.  She thanked me so much for encouraging her to go all the way!

I am smiling right now, because this kind of thing happens all the time when I get out of the way and just serve!  Now I will spend some time tonight working on the TV show business plan and allow it to unfold as it desires to do.  And Universe will handle the details of the rest of my life!  From my very humbled heart to yours, Thomas

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