Heart to Heart 434 Perspective


John McCain died here in Sedona, today at 4:30 pm.  His political philosophy and mine were far apart.  Lou Ann and I campaigned for Barack Obama and for Bernie Sanders to let you know where my political heart lies.  However, when someone dies that we know, we look at their lives from a wider perspective.  I battled John McCain and fought against him although we never met.  And I honor him.  I have always admired his courage, his tenacity, his work ethic, his honor and his integrity.  We live in a time when those personal qualities seem to be in short supply in many governments around the world. Particularly in the United States.

And yet, we are all eternal, perfect, limitless light beings!  The roles we play in our lifetimes are only important in the context of the moment.  In the grand picture of creation they are infinitesimal.  We are all Oneness.  When we incarnate we see things from a very limited perspective.  However, it feels right to play the game of life like there is no other venue.  I believe this is the way to participate.  Full out, using every moment to express our humanity and our Divinity with every ounce of energy we possess.

In the mix of each incarnation, we get to discover and remember that we are spiritual souls. We also get to experience life as earthy, conflicted, broken, loving, caring, laughing, crying, amazing sentient beings.  We have two hearts, one physical that keeps us alive and one spiritual that keeps us inspired.  John McCain inspired many of us by his heroic living.  May we all live powerful lives that reflect our beautiful spiritual nature and our deep love of all beings on planet Earth.  From my inspired heart to yours, Thomas


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