Heart to Heart 435

Healing the World

Someone was complaining on a local Facebook community page about others defiling the beauty of our high desert here in Sedona.  And in truth, it makes most of us sad, to see litter thrown around by folks, with little thought of the consequences.  On the other hand, those of us who litter, are not totally conscious of our actions.  We are in such pain that we are often divorced from what we do.  When we are broken in our hearts and minds, it is very difficult to participate in a wholesome way.

Those of us who judge the actions of those of us who are damaged and hurting, are not helping by criticizing the perpetrators.  We create more of a separation between each other, when we see others as less than us.  This separation is often the cause for so much pain and suffering on our Earth.  We are one! We are not separate.  We are one human family.  We are part of the same tapestry.  One thread of a piece of cloth does not get to say I am separate!  The human cloth has more than seven billion vital pieces.  Each is necessary to keep us whole! No one is better than any other.  We are all the same at our core.

There is a group of us collaborating to create a TV show.  The purpose of the program is to create a community to help change the consciousness of humanity. We can do this by reminding all of us of how precious our planet is and help each other heal that broken part of us, that would litter and deface the land! This is the way to decrease littering, cleaning our environment, reducing climate change and saving our world.  We get to remember that we are all one and each of us is an intricate part of the whole!  May we love each other into global beauty and peace and prosperity!  From my healing heart to yours, Thomas


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