Heart to Heart 458 Rich Beyond Measure

Rich Beyond Measure

Sometimes we get stuck and we look around at our lives and we question our status.  Perhaps we don’t have the love relationship we have always desired.  Maybe we don’t have the career, and the house and the car and the travel and the perks we feel we could have. We look in the mirror and maybe our physique isn’t quite what we had pictured it would be.  At times like these, it is only natural to have some feelings of regret.

Then there is another way we might see ourselves.  All of us are the same at our core.  We are amazing, brilliant, magnificent bubbles of light!  From this perspective, there is nothing we need to do, to make us better than we are.  We are already enough!  We don’t need more classes, intelligence, experience, money or heart.  To step into the fullness of who we are is to be content with ourselves.

Let us be grateful for all that we are!  All of our human warts, limitations, annoyances and fears are not who we are!  Let us stop regretting and let us start expecting.  Expect a miracle to happen for you and your family or friends and all humanity. When we are thankful for this moment in our life, it opens doors to places we have never been.  Gratitude allows us to open our hearts and minds to creating a whole new life expression.

We are literally treasures.  There is nothing we lack.  Now is the time to remember our Divinity!  Now is the time to see the incredible, limitlessness of our being. Then we can know that we lack nothing of true value.  We are rich beyond measure.  From my grateful heart to yours, Thomas