Heart to Heart 460 Evening Pages

Evening Pages

I am sitting here in front of my computer and am drawing a blank on what to share with you tonight.  More than twenty years ago, we first read Julia Cameron’s wonderful book called “The Artist’s Way.” She coached us all with her technique she named Morning Pages.  The essence of Morning Pages is to get some paper and in long hand, write at least three full pages of streaming consciousness.  The idea is to to just write without thinking about what you are writing.  The magic occurs when you get to a certain point and the random thoughtless writing turns into a creative piece of self expression!

I am not using long hand, but here goes.  I am writing on my Dell Computer and sitting at a new white desk that Lou Ann and I assembled yesterday.  It took us a few hours to complete it. I ordered the desk months ago and it sat unassembled in a large brown box about six feet long.  I do that frequently.  Order something on a whim and it sits until I get inspired to put it together, or return it.  I am now becoming aware of thinking about what I should write next instead of being in a unconscious flow.  It may be because I am typing and not writing manually.

I know that I like to share things with you. I also know that I have an aversion to keep sharing the same kind of message.  I am aware that I believe that you will get bored and not enjoy the blog anymore.  I don’t think I should care about that, but I do! I want the world to be a loving, magical, abundant, joyful, safe place for everyone and everything.  It frightens me that it appears that so many folks are not aware of the condition of our fragile planet.  Or they are just too busy in their personal lives to take action that will create a wonderful world.

I feel like an idealist, who is speaking to a few other idealists who are in a distinct minority.  I would love for all of us to open our hearts to the possibility of aligning with each other and truly express our Divinity.  From my sometimes sad heart to yours, Thomas