Heart to Heart 463 Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries

The full moon is just days away, blossoming in her radiance on Sept. 24th.

Light is shining on karmic shadows and long-standing wounds in ourselves and in our relationships. What will carry the relationships through is our commitment to the bigger picture and trusting that Divine order is at play.

This moon in Aries forms a conjunction with Chiron — the “wounded healer” ruler of fear, insecurity, and vulnerability, bringing up deep seated insecurities and vulnerabilities. Your deepest spiritual wounds may be coming to the surface, as well as those in your relationships. This recipe offers a mix of the lunar feminine energies with warring masculine energies revealing shadow and truth.

The T square with karmic Saturn brings in an aspect of setting boundaries and bringing discipline. This spells a recipe for drama in personal, planetary and possibly extra-planetary affairs, as that which has been stuffed under the carpet, is now revealed.

The important thing to remember is that you can re-write your story, in a more loving way. If the story you are telling yourself makes you stark-raving mad, ask yourself if it is true. If you expand your vision to take in more information, you may be able to rearrange the elements to tell a kinder and more empowering story. This information is courtesy of Astrologer Elizabeth Wilcock. You can access her at elizabethwilcock.com.

This seem apropos to what is occurring right now in the United States Senate Confirmation Committee.  It is time to shine the light on our darkness and bring to light the divine nature or who we are.  Many men are stuck in a old patriarchal paradigm.  They have a lot of fear about losing all the power, that has been in their hands for thousands of years.  It is time for the rise of Venus energy, where both men and women connect with their feminine nurturing energy. My natal moon is in Aries, so I will get to address my own personal challenge of balancing my male and female aspects.

Once again, let us all come from a place of love and not judgment.  Let us suspend, at least for the moment, our political leanings and truly ask for Divine intervention to help guide us through this maze.  From my Aries moon heart to yours, Thomas