Heart to Heart 465 Make A Difference

Make a Difference

Lou Ann and I are having fun creating entertainment segments for our television show. We are focusing on themes like climate change and sustainability and kindness, animals and healing others.  We have an unlimited supply of different kinds of shows we might do.  We want to have the program entertaining and trans-formative.  It is not enough for us to just entertain.  Our goal is to inform in a way that has people take action.  We want to have audience participation in each show and then encourage the attendees to get involved.  This world is a mess and we all need to pitch in to make it work.

Each of us in every town can get involved by doing just a little. A lot of “littles” add up to a lot.  There is a local Kindness group here that makes kindness charms.

The Kindness Charm Story

A group of women in Sedona have been focused on a special approach to kindness for many years.  The women have been making “Kindness” charms out of broken, recycled and surplus donated jewelry and dispersing them, not only around Sedona, but across the nation and worldwide.

Each Charm had a tag that says “Take me home and spread kindness”. To date the women have distributed over 6,000 charms to every state in the US and over three dozen countries, in the hope that they are found by someone that needs to be reminded that they are loved.

​This effort is carried out anonymously. Charms appear laying under a bench, hanging from a branch, draped over a rock or on some other object where they will eventually be found.  The goal is simply to encourage acts of kindness, large and small, both in Sedona and around the world.

We could all do something as precious and simple as getting together and finding a way to make a difference.  From my hopeful heart to yours, Thomas

P.S. If you have any ideas for the TV show, please let us know!