Heart to Heart 473 Why is not a Useful Question

Why is not a Useful Question

This was a song that a good friend of ours used to sing, named Rudi Harst. He is the leader of the Celebration Circle in San Antonio Texas.  A better question might be, what am I going to do with what I have just created.  You see when we ask why, it keeps us separate from our creation.  It often implies that someone, something, outside of ourselves, did something to us.  It allows us to avoid responsibility for our creations.

Our wonderful mentor, Arnold Patent, taught us a powerful way to move through self created obstacles.  Instead of asking why did this happen to me? Inferring we didn’t have anything to do with it.  Patent said, don’t get stuck trying to analyze your way out of your predicament.  Simply, visualize what you have created and get in touch with the feeling you are experiencing around it.  Once in touch with how you feel, let go.  Then immediately allow yourself to feel how you truly want to feel.  Once you have accessed that new feeling; stay with it and allow it to be what you are experiencing. Not the old feeling of being a victim!

It can be a challenging thing to move away from always asking why is this happening to me.  We have been trained to look outside of ourselves for someone else to blame.  It is a powerful thing to take responsibility for everything in our life.  This is not to blame ourselves; it is to find solution by going inside and creating what we desire, on the feeling level.  Once we do this, then we begin to live powerful lives!  From my inquiring heart to yours, Thomas