Heart to Heart 475 Use Your Heart While It’s Beating

Use Your Heart While It’s Beating

This is a line from another song from the wonderful movie “Small Foot”  I think what this means is get involved!  Don’t go through life and not show up for yourself and for others.  Life is so precious.  We each get to constantly choose how we spend each moment.  There are so many possibilities in life, that sometimes it can be overwhelming.  What is the best path for us to take?  The road less traveled?  No one can decide for us.  We often get advice from well meaning folks who want us to succeed.  They love us and sometimes feel they know what is best for us.  The deciding factor for me is to follow my heart.

I am reminded of the sixth chapter of Matthew in the Bible, where Jesus says among other things: “for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also!”  I believe he was encouraging us to not put our treasure in finite things, but in things that are eternal.  The things in life to treasure, are love, joy, happiness, friendship, family, loved ones, doing what we love, holding hands, getting hugs, encouraging each other, serving each other.  The list could go on an on.

Yes, it is fun to have a career and have a beautiful home, excellent car, fine clothes, travel, and retire with wealth.  They pale in comparison, to love as you are loved.  To have a friend who is with you forever.  Having a loving partner to share all our moments.  Having children, and loving, guiding and nurturing them, as they move through life.  Finding a cause to believe in.  One that will help humanity, the environment and all the beings of the Earth.

Let us, while our hearts are still beating, step in to the unknown of heroic living.  We see that kind of living on Facebook, everyday.  Like the little girl who is dining in a restaurant and sees a homeless man outside.  She then takes her uneaten meal out and gives it to the man.  When we live from our heart we find the way to transcend the limitations of modern living.  From my beating heart to yours, Thomas



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