Heart to Heart 477 The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven

Lou Ann and I went to a rally today in Sedona.  It was to take a stand against the possibility of enrolling a Supreme Court Justice who has questionable credentials at best.  Only seven of us showed up, as opposed to the 1500 who showed up here in January of 2017.  The numbers were not that important.  It was knowing that we were taking a stand against tyranny.  Like the 1960 movie The Magnificent Seven, we were few against many.  We didn’t care.  We displayed our signs and placards.  We waved at the passing vehicles.  At a certain point, I felt like we were making some headway, when some of the folks were becoming halfway peaceful.  That is, they waved back with at least a half of a peace sign!

Yes, there were those that opposed us and let us know how they felt. However there were many more who beeped horns and gave us thumbs up!  We didn’t expect to make a difference in the foregone vote, that would happen today.  We showed up anyway, because the world needs us seven, plus many more millions to take a stand for decency, honor, love and respect.

Yes, we are angry.  We have watched our democracy being torn apart by others.  We are standing for all oppressed people and in particular women, who have been violated and not believed.  It is time for the Magnificent Seven to ride into town again.  This time, not for revenge, not to do harm to another, but to band together in the principles of love and freedom for all.  To encourage others to find their voice, their hearts, their courage to say “enough is enough!”

It is time to do all we can, in every possible way to give people ” A Reason for Hope!”  Please join those of us who will not back down, who will not go away, who will rally other like minded folks, to take action and vote!  A new day is coming for America.  A day in which America will be kind again!  From my magnificent heart to yours, Thomas