Heart to Heart 479 Two Wolves

Two Wolves

There are two wolves that are always fighting, one named Darkness and Despair the other named Light and Hope.  Which one wins?  The one that you feed!

A good friend of mine once shared: Means and ends are the same. The action and outcome are one. To achieve peace, we feel and express inner peacefulness.

The polarization of our country and perhaps the world is at a critical point.  It will not serve our planet for us to continue to insult and attack each other.  It is important for those of us who desire to create peace on Earth, to understand this.  Means and ends are identical.  The way we go about achieving our desired outcome is exactly what we will receive.

It does not matter what others may say or do, it only matters how we respond.  We get to be clear, we get to focus on the divine principles of love and support, forgiveness and empathy, compassion and caring.  We get to come from that deep part of our heart and soul connection, that transcends our human frailty.

Four of us were working on the design of the pilot for our upcoming TV show this weekend.  We were creating a budget and outlining possible segments to be filmed and to be shown.  We came up with a working title which is A Reason for Hope.  I love it.  Let us all become the reason for hope.  Let us be capable of having the audacity to hope.  In the end, it is what we feed the world, that will determine our mutual destiny!  From my hopeful light heart to yours, Thomas