Heart to Heart 480 Light Beings

Light Beings

Lou Ann and I were watching a Hallmark movie.  The heroine in the film loses her memory in an auto accident somewhere in Vermont.  The male lead is a local doctor who is taking care of her. They decide to give her the name Elizabeth.  While we are watching the movie I got a message of an airbnb guest who wants to book a room in November.  Her name is Elizabeth.   Love those simple kinds of synchronizations.

Life is a magical adventure that we sometimes take for granted.  We work hard, have families, and explore all of our life choices.  We can get lost in all the activities and not remember who we are; spiritual beings having a human experience.  We came here to express our beauty and our magnificence.  We intentionally forget about our Divinity. Then we begin to wake up and to live in the moment, in the midst of this beautiful Universe.

Then as we move through life, we get the opportunity to discover that eternal loving nature of our soul.  Now is the time to re-focus on our reason for being here.  It is the reconnecting to a purpose for living.  Let us renew the dance with our heart.  Let us treasure our experience and our mission.  To be fully expressed human beings, who are loving our families, our creatures, our friends, and our planet!

A new climate report just came out yesterday about how we are doing.  We only have until 2040 to turn ourselves around.  The clock is ticking, louder than ever before.  Let us return to the wonder we felt as children and the belief we could do anything.  We can do this, if we all pull together.  We are the light beings that the world has been waiting for.  Now is our time to shine!  From my serendipitous heart to yours, Thomas