Heart to Heart 482 This is Who We Are !

This is Who We Are!

We make everything so complicated.  We get caught up in the drama.  We become fearful when we compare.  We sell ourselves short.  We forget who we are.  We dwell in the past.  We fear the future.  We get too busy.  We make choices that often don’t support our magnificence.

Age can hopefully give us perspective.  When you get to a certain time in life, you can see many of the choices you made and perhaps the reason you did so.  I was speaking with my son Chris today and shared with him some of the pain I still carry, about choices I made long ago when he was young. I told him even though I regret some of them, I would probably make the same decisions again.  He was honored that I shared with him.  Like all of you, I did the best I could with my limited understanding.

This is the life you were born to live.  This is the dream that lives in your soul.  This is the place where you get to know all about living, loving and being.  We came here from the beginning of time.  We stop off now and then to play the game.  When we give it our all, we always win.  Not some prize, but knowing that we went all in!   It’s not about obtaining.  It’s not about rewards or awards.  It is about how open our hearts can be.  It is about knowing that we are connected in love.  It is about caring, sharing, loving, hugging, dancing, smiling and chocolate!

We are a rich mixture of our humanity and our Divinity.  Let us all know how blessed we are to have this human experience.  It is such a treasure.  May we always treat it as such!  For this is who we are!  From my divinely human heart to yours, Thomas