Heart to Heart 487 Thankful and Forgiving

Thankful and Forgiving

I am thankful for every breath,

every swallow

every grin

every smile

every tear

every frown

every pound

every friend

every daughter

every son

every ex-wife

every thought

every doubt

every aha

every word

every kiss

every hug

every romance

every movie

every meal

every walk

every house

every bed

every birthday

every touch

every challenge

every victory

every sunrise

every sunset

every rain

every cloud

every sky

every star

every planet

every universe

every song

every desert

every food


I ask forgiveness for

every harsh word

every missed appointment

every broken word

every lie

every selfish act

every neglect

everything I don’t recall right now.

When I wrote these lists, it occurred to me that the forgiveness list could also be on the thankful list.  In truth I am thankful for every moment, every thought, every action I have experienced.  They are all my life experience.  I would encourage you folks to write down a list for yourself and see how rich life is.  It doesn’t have much to do with things and accomplishments.  It has everything to do with being human and blessed.  From my thankful and forgiving heart to yours, Thomas