Heart to Heart 488 They also serve……

They also serve….

They also serve who only stand and wait, was originally the last line in a poem by Milton.  It was also a slogan used when I was growing up, during world war II. It signified that those not in the actual battles of the war, were also supporting the efforts of the military, by doing other things to help the cause, like recycling. I had a dream last night, in which I was giving advice to a young armed forces officer.  He was perturbed about not being chosen for a higher rank.  I shared with him that being an officer in the armed forces was not about personal gain, it was about service.

I wanted him to know that as an officer he would someday lead a platoon or a squad or a division.  There may be thousands of fellow service personnel following him.  His job was to serve them.  Yes, he would be their leader.  Their very lives would be in his hands.  His leadership would be healthiest, if it came from a place of caring.  When he cared for his troops, he would make better decisions on their behalf.  If he used his heart as well as his head then he would eventually rise to the top.

I awoke and thought about service, for all the rest of us.  When real gentle-men serve their partners, they create all the love they would ever desire to receive.  When gentle ladies serve their partners, it is in line with the nature of who they are.  Right now, in our life together, Lou Ann is working a couple of days per week as a pharmacist, about an hour north of here.  When she comes home, I always have a hot home cooked meal for her.  We serve each other.  As I think of it, this has been a major strength of our relationship.  Service.  We have shared time in our careers, homemaking, cooking, yard work, laundry and almost any task that we were physically able to do.  We are one in service.  It is a delightful way to partner.

Let us think about the ways we all can serve others, not what is in it for ourselves. It may be a wonderful way to create a whole new Earth that we all want.  From my serving heart to yours, Thomas