Heart to Heart 489 Dreamers


Dreamers are the ones who make the world the magnificent place that it is.  It is when we give up dreaming, that our hope fades and and our hearts are saddened.  Here is something I read on Facebook:

“There’s nothing so practical as a dream, well-formed. Every invention, discovery, creative masterpiece, and impossible accomplishment started as an idea then blossomed from there. But dreams are also small business start-ups, college degrees, and marrying the right person. They are common miracles.

Many years ago, a teenage friend and I passed a freshly boarded up gas station that had gone out of business. It was just a defunct gas station to me. Her misty eyes perceived otherwise.

“How sad. That was somebody’s life dream.” Her parents had just lost their own family business. They were moving out of town so they could find other work and begin again.

Dreams aren’t just about sleep. They very much inhabit our waking worlds. Whatever your dreams are, I hope you are diligently working towards them to make them reality.”

Years ago, Lou Ann and I were involved in Income Builders International (IBI).  It was a company that put on seminars about teaching people how to take their dreams to market.  On one weekend, I went to Huntsville Alabama with the director of IBI. He took us to a hill to look at a Saturn V rocket in all of its stages as it laid along the ground.  It is over 360 feet long!  He brought us there to see what the scientists had built and had taken us to the moon.  He went on to say that one of the greatest values of the space program, is the inspiration it creates.  It allows humanity to keep on dreaming about our origins and to keep moving into the future.

We were watching the movie Tomorrowland again. A wonderful adventure fantasy about our Earth and the possibilities for it. As the movie moves toward it’s conclusion, we discover that the way to rebuild our Earth in a healthy and natural way, is to wake up the dreamers.  Once we begin to connect into a powerful reason for living, we get to live amazing and exciting lives.  I encourage everyone to keep on dreaming, we are our only hope, Obi Wan!  From my hopeful heart to yours, Thomas