Heart to Heart 490 Blogging


We have been doing this together now almost five hundred days in a row.  It has been challenging for me to sit at my computer, often late at night and come up with something to say that will be of value.  I have an aversion to saying the same thing twice.  I don’t mind writing about the same subject.  For me, it feels like I always want it to be fresh.  So, thanks for reading, responding, liking, loving, sharing and commenting.

Today, Facebook gets a lot of criticism.  Perhaps a lot of it deserved.  However, you and I would not get to have these evening chats unless we Skyped or Zoomed or other computer connections.  Lou Ann and I have been discussing making this a podcast.  I am not sure if that will be of more value. I am willing to test it out.  Please give me your feedback as to whether that would add value or not.  Thanks.

We live in a critical time for our planet. The energies present are perhaps as negative as I can remember.  Here in the United States, we are so divided.  Both sides think they are right.  There appears to be little room for compromise. It might be time to speak from our hearts and not our emotions. The heart is a place where we can all be one.  It is the center of our spiritual being.  It is easy to know when we come from our heart.  It is a place of forgiveness, caring compassion and love.  When we are in the space of those feelings, we can overcome any hurt, anger, transgression or event.

Let us take the time to go to a quiet place and inquire of our heart.  Let us ask it, what would you like me to do?  I believe it has all the wisdom of the Universe and it will lead the way if we take the time to listen.

Once again, thanks for being here for Lou Ann and me. We wish you the best life experience in all that you do. From my thankful blogging heart to yours, Thomas

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