Heart to Heart 492 Fail Till You are Great at It!

Fail Till You are Great at It!

I was teaching someone how to hit a tennis ball one day.  They were having some difficulty doing it.  I shared with them ” how many times do you think Roger Federer, the greatest tennis player of all time, has hit a tennis ball?”  They replied “thousands!”  I said ” millions!”  Then I shared if you did something over and over a million times do you think you would develop excellence in doing it?”  They said, “of course!”

We often want the easy way to success.  There is a joke in Hollywood about Academy Award winners being an overnight success.  It only took them twenty years!  Being successful at doing most things will require a lot of repetition and a lot of failures.  Even in the area of our personal lives.  If we want to have happy lives, it will require practicing being happy from the inside.  If we want to have good friends it will require us being a good friend as well.

When we smile at others, it often creates smiles back at us.  When we are angry, it is most likely we will receive the same response. I believe if we develop some patience with ourselves and just keep applying our efforts, we will create the desired results.  However, it will most likely require lots of failures. Take a mental inventory of your life right now.  Are there things that you have not given enough of your time and energy to create your desired results? I encourage you to find that treasure within you by digging a little deeper.  From my never quitting heart to yours, Thomas