Heart to Heart 495 Breaking out in Song!

Breaking out in Song!

Here I am sitting in the Village of Oak Creek

It’s about seven o’clock at night

Writing words on my personal computer

And everything feels right.

Life is such a busy place now days

It can sometimes steal our heart

If we choose to stop and listen

It will keep us from falling apart

I wish you knew how much I love you

How my life is so full of joy

The caring things that you always do

Make it easy for this wondering boy

We got hope for the planet

We got hope for ourselves

We got hope for the little things

that live inside their shells

We got hope for the Universe

shining down on planet Earth

We got hope in our loving hearts

won’t you Join us in our rebirth

It’s about joy, it’s about love

It’s about working on peace together

It’s about caring it’s about sharing

It’s about opening our hearts forever

It’s about giving our souls a treasure

From my rhyming heart to yours, Thomas









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