Heart to Heart 497 It’s That Time Of The Year

It’s that time of the year!

Yes, I know it is still two months till Christmas.  However, in this house, the season begins when the Hallmark Channel begins showing Christmas movies.  From now until the end of December, we will be watching many of the same movies over again.  Tonight we had hot cider while we watched.  For me Christmas has always been a feeling of hope.  It can be a time when we are nicer to each other.  We take time to reconnect with friends and family for no other reason than to celebrate!

I know the season gets a lot of bad raps from folks complaining about the commercialization of it all.  And there is truth to that.  However, I choose to remember it in a different way.  In my childhood, it was perhaps the only time I remember any joy in our home. It was almost magical.  So I have an affection for it all. For the next, sixty days or so, Lou Ann and I will be reminded of the true spirit of giving.  Each evening, we will sit huddled together and hug and laugh and sometimes cry.  Our lives will be richer for it.

I hope all of you have a chance to be reminded of love and charity and compassion and hope each and every day of your lives.  In truth, it is always that time of the year! From my Christmas season heart to yours, Thomas