Heart to Heart 498 Just The Way We Are

Just The Way We Are

Lou Ann and I went to a jazz concert in Page Springs Arizona, about twenty minutes from our home.  The star performer was Neamen Lyles, an incredible saxophonist.  He had a five-person group that played wonderful jazzy pieces.  It was phenomenal! I recorded several segments that I will share from time to time.  I contacted Neaman and asked him if he would be interested in being the ensemble for our television show and he was honored that I asked.  We will get together in the near future.

At one point, a guest singer sang a song called Just the Way You Are.  It reminded me that we are perfect, just the way we are.  Oh yes, there are things we have done, that could have been better.  There are things we said, that might have been clearer.  There are choices we made, that may have been wiser.  They all were exactly what we were supposed to experience.  We get to create everything in our lives.  Sometimes it seems like we are not in charge.  Sometimes it seems like things are out of our control.  Sometimes it appears that no one is in charge.  That life is chaotic and happenstance.  That we have little choice.

Right now on planet Earth, there is so much pain and suffering.  Tragic events are happening here in the United States  Around the world, there are millions starving every day.  It is not an easy time to be alive, here on this fragile planet.  However, we are all part of the One mind, One heart, One spirit.  We have agreed to play our parts in the great dance of life.

Our souls know the truth.  That this painful existence that we are now part of is an illusion.  We are not our actions, our thoughts, our words, our deeds.  We are at our core, limitless beings of light and love, who have surrendered our divine nature, to take our place in this finite manifestation.

It doesn’t lessen the personal pain, or anguish or utter despair, while we are in the human condition. The truth of the soul does let us know, that this is temporary and this too shall pass. We get to keep holding the space for all beings to discover their Divinity.  When we gather our hearts together and continue to love unconditionally, in spite of events, we will create peace and love, just the way we are! From my hopeful heart to yours, Thomas