Heart to Heart 500 Love is the Light That Binds From Heart to Heart!

Love is the Light That Binds From Heart to Heart!

This is five hundred blogs in a row! We have been through a lot over the last year or so! If you recall, it all happened by chance.  I went on a solar appointment to a man in Cottonwood.  His house wasn’t fit for it.  He invited me into his living room to chat.  At a certain point, he looked at me with a quizzical appearance on his face.  He said, ” Do you know who Quan Yin is?”  I told him that I did. Then the energy in the room changed.  He was channeling the ancient Buddhist deity.  She said to me “you have gifts of writing and speaking and you are not using them!”  She then said there are millions of souls on this planet who are suffering. They have given up hope!”  You must start a blog and inspire people to remember who they are!” This is your calling and your destiny!”  That was five hundred days ago. Thanks for taking this journey with me.  I would not have continued without you!

Here are more adventures!

There are folks here in Sedona that just saved over a hundred wolves.  There is a lady in New Delhi India that takes care of 400 stray dogs!  There is a man on Facebook that swims with his polar bear. A bunch of folks saved some Elks that fell through the frozen ice! Acts of love occur every day everywhere.  It is time to focus on all the good that is going on in our world.  These kinds of events could be shared on television and reach millions of people who need to have hope!

I believe we have shared with you before, that we are creating a television show about the magnificence of the human spirit. We need more people to get involved in creating uplifting television programming.  If you would like to get involved, please let us know.  We have created a pilot program to be recorded here in Sedona.  We have several wonderfully talented, experienced, entertainment people on our team.  We have an Emmy award-winning writer, an experienced movie director and very talented behind the scenes personnel.

Now it is up to the Universe to help us create this show!  If you know of anyone who has access to funding a program that could change television in a positive way. let us know! From my hopeful heart to yours, Thomas