Heart to Heart 503 Our Planet

Our Planet

Lou Ann and I went to the Inspiration of Sedona meeting tonight. It was wonderful, nearly a hundred people showed up!  They showed the movie Planetary.  It is a very important film that everyone would benefit from watching.  It is about our planetary connection to everyone and everything.  It begins with the lift-off of a Saturn V rocket going out into space.  It seems that almost every astronaut that gets the opportunity to see our planet from that perspective is changed forever. They are shifted by the immense size of the Universe.  They get to look out at the Milky Way from an expanded view. They can see the enormity of the heavens and the tiny spec of creation that is the Earth.

When we see our Earth from space, there are no borders, no walls, no races, no artificial divisions.  There is a gorgeous blue-green planet teeming with life. Most of us will never have this experience.  However, it would be helpful if we could see the oneness of all living things on Earth.  We are not separate from anything. Each species, each minute subatomic particle is connected to every other one. On a human level, each of us is connected to each other.

We are once again, standing on a threshold of the possibility of creating a peaceful loving world or destroying it.  There are factions present which are in so much fear and pain that they are creating an energy that is truly harmful.  Those who are not in such a fearful place, have the opportunity of holding a space for unconditional love.  At the same time, we get to take action that will create the loving world that so many desire. I believe it is vital for us to do both; come from love and take action that will heal our Earth.

Let us find ways to nurture each other and all the living things on our planet.  Let’s not wait for others to do it!  Let’s get involved right now.  For, after all, it is our only home!  From my active heart to yours, Thomas