Heart to Heart 504 Our Life Depends On It!

Our Life Depends On It!

Tough time for me right now in writing this blog.  I am committed to finding the good in everything.  Now, we in the United States, are facing an event which will be among the most important in our history.  I know that sometimes I get excited and am given to hyperbole.  However, it is difficult to understate the depth of the challenge, that faces all caring people.

We are in the fight of our lives.  We are confronting a menace of our own making.  Only we can create a solution.  On next Tuesday, more people will go to their voting booths or have already voted, in what may be the largest mid-term election ever.  We literally have no choice.  We the people, chose two years ago, what we thought was the lesser of two evils and look what we created! We were so brainwashed by others or uninformed and chose horribly, or perhaps we didn’t even choose to vote!  Whatever the reason, we did this to ourselves!

On November 6th, we can choose another course.  We can decide that we love each other and our planet so much, that we will vote for candidates that support those values.  We have a planet that is being threatened more than ever by this administration in Washington.  In their ignorance, they have chosen a path that will harm their very loved ones.  They are still asleep.  We are semi-awake.  We are the ones who can stand up for all the beings on the Earth.  We can make choices for all those who have no voices.

I often say life is simple.  It may be challenging and difficult and ever-changing, but it is easy on Tuesday next week.  VOTE!  Whatever you have to do to get there or vote early, or mail it in. Please do it!  Next, take someone with you or call someone or encourage someone to vote. We can not have any excuses this time.  We cannot say we did not know.  Our choices have never been more clear. We are choosing light over darkness!

If you stand for love, caring, compassion and inclusion, find a way to make your voice heard by voting.  Our lives depend on it!  From my concerned and committed heart to yours, Thomas