Heart to Heart 507 Love


Love. That’s why I did it. Love as an action is more powerful than words and love in the face of evil, gives others hope. It demonstrates humanity. It reaffirms why we’re all here. The meaning of life is to give meaning to life, and love is the ultimate force that connects all living beings. I could care less what Robert Bowers thinks, but you, the person reading this, love is the only message I wish to instill in you. If my actions mean anything, love means everything.

Ari Mahler, RN The nurse that took care of Robert Bowers.

This paragraph above was the end of a post on Facebook today, that I encourage you to read. I believe you will find it on my Facebook page.  It was written by Ari Mahler.  When we come from love, anything is possible for us.

It is not easy to love when we are in pain.  I would imagine, that most of the violence that occurs, is perpetrated by people who are in severe pain.  It is difficult to know the depth of pain another is experiencing.  That is why it is often a surprise to many folks who find out about the person who committed an atrocity.  They didn’t see any signs that the event would occur.

It is up to us to make a greater effort in helping others who may have withdrawn from life, or others that may have been abused.  We are our brother’s and sister’s, keepers.  We are in this together. As Ari stated: if our actions mean anything, love means everything.  From my heart full of love to yours, Thomas