Heart to Heart 510 No One Is Above The Law

No One Is Above The Law

The Woman’s March was at it again!  The theme was “No one is above the law!.” A hundred of us gathered in Sedona in the cold wind and stood tall against tyranny!  Eighty percent were women.  We listened to a few speakers encourage us to not give up!  We said chants together and sang We Shall Overcome! Once again, I was thrilled to be a part of a group of people who care!  They care about all of us! Some of the rhetoric was us against them.  Some were inclusive, and even mentioned the apparent huge hole in Donald Trump’s emotional heart.

We were told that there were some nine thousand rallies going on today about the current events here in the United States!  As soon as I wrote that, I thought ” It doesn’t feel so united, does it?” Well, even in the best of democracies there will be times of struggle. We sure are at a major impasse! It is so important that we continue to send love to everyone and at the same time stand up for everyone as well!

There are those in our country family, that are in such pain that they are attempting to disenfranchise others.  Then we see another mass shooting in California. It is often a challenge to not react to the killing of innocent sisters and brothers.  Not only must cooler heads prevail; warmer hearts must prevail as well!

Once again, we get to speak out and tell how we feel about these crimes against defenseless people.  We also get to speak out about political parties trying to manipulate the voting maps and laws for their personal gain.

In the meantime, let us take time to pray or meditate and find our spiritual center.  Then perhaps, our collective energy will move us all in the direction of love and caring.  It is worth it!  From my marching woman’s heart to yours, Thomas