Heart to Heart 511 She’s Got a Way About Her!

She’s Got a Way About Her!

I shared this a year ago.  I would like to do that, every year at least.

I love how she crosses her toes as she sits and records her dreams from the night before.  I fall in love all over again when I see her in the kitchen baking a pie.  I love life when I wake up in the morning and see her smiling face and eyes that can light up my darkness.  I love how she gets so excited when she is going to the Sedona Charter school to teach little ones Yoga. I love how she holds my hand when we watch a Christmas movie together and then we both have tears in our eyes.  I love how we both celebrate the Christmas season beginning around Halloween. I love how she encourages me to continue to write this blog every day.  I love how she sees perfect strangers, no matter where we are in the world and says “I think I know that person!”  The truth is, there are hardly any strangers to her.

I love how she sits at the computer and does her Daily Challenge, a Facebook healthy social contact program.  She has been doing it every day for the past 2660 days.  I love how my heart does a flip-flop when I see her; even if it has only been a couple of hours apart.  I love how she arranges her closet in the rainbow color spectrum and wears clothes in that order to match the days of the week.  I love how she reaches out in bed with her feet and touches mine in such a tender way.  I love how she tells me every day that “she loves me so much! I love how she loves all the little people, the Menehune, Leprechauns, and fairies and dolphins.  She has a connection to all of nature.

I love how she is a “bulldog” about important things in life.  She has taught me how to not quit.  When she starts out to do something, she just keeps going until it is complete. I love how much she loves to dance and teach Zumba.  When we are out somewhere and there is music playing in the background, her body is rocking to the rhythm.  I love how she says a protection mantra when we go somewhere in our car and she blesses everyone else who is on the road too. We have been together thirty-five years.  Our thirty-six anniversary is New Year Eve.  I can’t imagine loving anyone more.  I am so blessed to be with my best friend, life partner, loving wife, and my personal guru! The way she lives life has made me a better person.  I am so grateful to have found Lou Ann and I will treasure every moment with her the rest of my life!

I wanted you all to know the Lou Ann I know, and to know why and what keeps me so positive and happy! I am so blessed! From my totally thankful heart to yours, Thomas