Heart to Heart 514 One More Turn Around the Sun

One More Turn Around the Sun

Lou Ann invited several people to a surprise birthday lunch at our favorite pizza restaurant, Picazzo’s.  The food was vegan and so delicious.  The camaraderie was delightful! Lou Ann asked everyone to share something they loved about me and then to share one wish for my life.  I was overwhelmed with the tender, heart-centered expressions of love and caring. It is such a rich gift to have these wonderful friends in my life. It’s a wonderful life!

I am so grateful to be going into my seventy-eighth year.  I sometimes feel like I am just getting started!  I am getting up at five in the morning and traveling a couple of hours with two other guys.  We are picking up a used greenhouse that will be the major shelter for our permaculture project.  We have young volunteers who have lots of organic gardening skills helping us out.  It feels good to do something that we will be able to see tangible results in the near future.  We will show you pictures of how it all unfolds.

I had a voice lesson with my wonderful teacher Kathi Belluci today.  I am learning how to turn my body into a powerful musical instrument.  We are focused on John Denver music which I will share in the near future.  I have some plans to turn this blog into a video blog and focus the content around Denver’s incredible music.  His melodies and lyrics have been a mainstay of these writings for the past year or so.

We only get so many turns around the sun in each life.  I wish for all of you, the grandest adventures of heart and soul.  I wish for you the treasures of discovering your beauty and magnificence. When we get to the finish line, may we know that we gave all our passion and dedication! That we let our light so shine, that others found the way to their place in the sun!  From my sunny heart to yours, Thomas