Heart to Heart 515 Mission Possible!

Mission Possible!

Our Mission…Should we choose to take it!

I was out walking one day, and these thoughts came to me.

Right now our world would thrive when we create these scenarios.

How to heal veterans and their PTSD and save at least the 22 lives per day that are destroyed, as these honorable servants commit suicide.

A world where all people of all color, live as equals in opportunity, freedom, safety, and abundance.

A world where folks of all loving expressions, share their love, whether LGBTQ or any other loving way of being and have the freedom to do so.

A world where young black men and women get the opportunity to live in safety and learn life skills, that propel them to the greatness they all have inside.

A world where all people, both women, and men have equal pay for equal work. A world where there is no glass ceiling or any other ceiling that presents any of us from achieving our highes.

A world where all people of the Earth receive a “living wage” so that their basic needs are met for shelter, food, water, and comfort. Then our fellow humans can flourish without the pressure of “making ends meet”. This will help us eliminate poverty and then there will be less violence and wars. Then peace on Earth will begin to flourish!

A nation (U.S.) that creates the way for all people to vote, including a legal holiday to do so. A country where fairness in elections is created and honored, including no gerrymandering.

A world where teachers are paid for what they are worth to society.

A nation (U.S.) where a college education is free for everyone who chooses to go or trade schools as well.

A nation (U.S.) where prisons for profit are eliminated. Where incarcerated people are rehabilitated and educated and healed to return to society.

If we choose this mission and realize it is possible, and achieve it, we will have left a lasting legacy for generations to come, who will live in prosperity, love, and magnificence! From my mission possible heart to yours, Thomas