Heart to Heart 518 Life is Rich!

Life is Rich!

Early today, I had the privilege of working on our ‘vegan forest’, here on our property in Sedona.  Our new beautiful friends, Ashley and Austin and their dog Sparky and our other wonderful friend, Mira worked on our greenhouse.  We found a used greenhouse on Facebook a couple of hours away on Tuesday.  We are designing our property in a permaculture fashion.  Permaculture is combining the best of natural landscaping and edible gardening.  Permaculture systems sustain both themselves and their caregivers. The ultimate purpose of permaculture—a word coined in the mid-1970s by two Australians, Bill Mollison, and David Holmgren—is to develop a site until it meets all the needs of its inhabitants, from food and shelter to fuel and entertainment.

We are also incorporating magical and mystical fountains and mandalas and soil formations to allow Mother Nature to flourish.  The initial greenhouse will be about 450 square feet and provide lots of organic fresh produce for local folks who don’t have enough to eat.  We will also blend fruit and nut trees and other plants to complement the overall natural design.

This evening we welcomed four guests into our vacation rental home, which is in our personal house.  These lovely, happy, engaging folks are from India.  A mom and dad and their two children, Krishna and Aparna.  In about thirty minutes, we fell madly in love with the whole family.  We laughed more than we did anything else.  They made a wonderful Indian dish which we loved!  We felt like we had known them forever.  Life is so rich! We are so blessed! From my totally abundant heart to yours, Thomas