Heart to Heart 520 Heavenly Christmas All Year Long

Heavenly Christmas All Year Long

I am sure that by the time the official holidays are over you will be happy that I am over Christmas.  But will I?  Lou Ann and I watched a Hallmark movie titled Heavenly Christmas starring Kristin Davis, Shirley MacLaine and Eric McCormack of Will and Grace fame.  The storyline is similar to a lot of the plots; an overachiever not having enough time for Christmas or family.  Davis’ character falls and dies and goes to heaven and meets an angel, played by MacLaine.  She too is now an angel and is given an assignment of answering a nine-year-old girl’s prayer.  The girl’s only Christmas wish is for her uncle, played by McCormack, to be happy.

Our new angel soon discovers all of the things she has missed in life, by being so focused on success.  It brings to mind that perhaps many of us lose focus on what the most important things in life are. MacLaine’s character shares “no one who has reached the other side has ever said,” I wished I had worked more”.  This holiday is going to be so busy for many of us that, we too, may miss the essence of the season.  No, it is not Santa or that a savior was born.  It is about giving and celebrating and loving each other and realizing all that we have been blessed to receive.

Maybe we can slow down a little for the next 39 days.  Maybe we can renew friendships.  Maybe we can contact family members more. Maybe we can serve in a soup kitchen.  Maybe we can open more doors for each other.  Maybe we can put more money in the tip jar at our local eatery.  Maybe we can stop on one of the corners, where an apparently homeless person is asking for help and put some bills in their worn out hands. Maybe we can go sing some Christmas carols at the nearest assistance home.  Maybe we can clean out our garages and basements and give it all away to where it is most needed.  Maybe we can adopt a pet or a lonely human being.  If we do some of these things, it will truly be a Heavenly Christmas.  From my holiday heart to yours, Thomas