Heart to Heart 524 Gratitude


Most of us who read this post are so blessed.  We live in relative freedom.  We are able to make choices about our life.  We have family and friends whom we love and who love us.  If we have good health, we are very blessed.  If we are doing what we love to do, we are so fortunate.  We have a warm house, comfortable beds.  We get to watch or participate in entertainment.  We make enough money to enjoy life.

What more could we ask?  Perhaps peace on Earth.  Perhaps no more wars.  Perhaps a healthy climate for ourselves and our children and their children. Perhaps everyone on Earth having enough shelter, food, and warmth of heart and hearth. We are in the minority of the people of the world.  While we take these moments to give thanks for all we have, it is also a time to recommit to all of the beings of the planet to live in safety and prosperity.

Let us be grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.  Let us find the ways to have everyone not only have enough but to thrive!  I encourage us all to get involved in the simplest ways to spread the gift of love on our fragile spaceship.  From my grateful heart to yours, Thomas