Heart to Heart 527 Fifty Burgers Please!

Fifty Burgers Please!

Doesn’t sound like a to go order for a vegan!  My title tonight is a line from another Christmas movie to warm our hearts!  We watched the movie titled “Christmas Angel” a few times.  It is available in DVD from Netflix or on Youtube for free!  I will try not to totally spoil watching the movie by my remarks.  The story shows a young woman who is having a tough time making it financially and emotionally.  She tries to get employment and she lives in an apartment where the water runs out.  She was a foster child in her younger years and passed from home to home.  She has a defeated spirit about life.  Her neighbor across the hall, in the apartment building where she lives, is a white-headed elderly man who uses a cane to walk.

Eventually, her neighbor lets her in on his secret—he is rich!  He is also not very well physically.  He decides to hire her to help him with his business.  He anonymously donates money, food, clothing and gifts to others.  He takes her out on the streets of Chicago and shows her many needy people whom he desires to help.  At one point, she goes into a restaurant with a friend and goes up to the counter and says “fifty burgers please”!  They then take the food outside and give it away to the folks on the street.  The film was produced in 2009 and has always been one of our favorite holiday flicks.  The theme of it is what we try to do and would love to do more.

I invite all of you wonderful folks to join in the fun.  Find some people this holiday season or any time of year and go out of your way to give them some food or anything that will make life better for them. Life is so much fun when we can be Secret Santas or Christmas Angels!  From my Secret Santa heart to yours, Thomas