Heart to Heart 529 Perfect


We are watching another Christmas movie on Lifetime and the storyline is that the heroine wants to have one totally perfect Christmas.  She gets her wish and she is transported to Ireland.  Everything is perfect.  Perfect parents, breakfast, hot chocolate, turkey and everything else.  She loves it so much.  Then as each day is almost exactly the same (Ala Groundhog’s Day), it begins to wear on her.  She misses the things about her family that used to drive her crazy.  Eventually, she returns home to her, perfectly imperfect life.

Most of us would probably want to make some adjustments to our life.  We may not make enough money, It feels like we don’t have enough time.  We wish we had made other choices.  We might not have the perfect figure, perfect job, perfect mate, perfect family.  And yet, they are our creations.  We are the director, producer, writer of our life’s script. We make the choices on how the plot will unfold.

For me, life works when I do the best I can and then let go.  When I surrender to the “perfection” of the Universe it unfolds as it’s designed to do.  I would encourage you to look at the life you have created and bless it and say thank you.  Then perhaps, connect with all the people in your life and thank them for being exactly as they are. They are a gift to us, even in all their imperfection, as we are to them.

May we all be so fortunate enough to live a life full of many imperfect moments filled with imperfect people that we can love unconditionally just the way we are.  From my perfectly imperfect heart to yours, Thomas